Cakes & Cupcakes

 TdV Signature Recipes

Vanilla Bean – Moist, richly vanilla cake filled with vanilla French cream.

Black and White – Velvet butter and deep chocolate cakes are layered, and filled, alternately with rich chocolate ganache and vanilla French cream.

Triplo Cioccaloto  – Deep chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and a layer of rich chocolate ganache.

Snickerlicious – Rich chocolate cake filled with caramel buttercream, peanuts, caramel and a layer of milk chocolate ganache.

Apple Crisp – Walnut cake compliments a baked apple crisp filling, which is finished with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream.

Carrot Cake – This is not your ordinary carrot cake. A super moist, flavor packed cake that does not have raisins or nuts unless requested.

Bananas Foster – Banana cake, which does not have the consistency of banana bread, is filled with a rich butter rum mousse and frosted in cream cheese buttercream.

Raspberry Lime Rickey – Lime cake paired with fresh raspberry mousse, a light layer of tangy lime curd and finished in lime buttercream.

Limone Lampone – Simply put, Lemon raspberry is a light lemon cake replete with vanilla French cream and fresh raspberries.

Traditional Strawberry Shortcake – Velvet butter cake layered with fresh strawberries and vanilla French cream.

Coconut Dream – Rich coconut cake added with abundantly flavorful coconut mousse and finished with coconut buttercream.

Peanut Butter Bliss – A cake for the peanut butter lover. A peanut butter cake with peanut butter mousse. Extra peanut butter can be added upon request.

Red Velvet – An old fashioned white cake with just a hint of cocoa and a splash of red coloring. This is frosted in a traditional cream cheese frosting.

Guinness & Bailey’s – A rich chocolate pound cake made with genuine Guinness Ale filled with Bailey’s Irish Cream mousse.

*Yes, you can create your own combinations. I am always available for recommendations, Karen.

**Because each cake is made specifically for the needs and desires of the person ordering, it is difficult to state prices. Please contact me to discuss a quote.

A la Carte

*This list is not all-inclusive and is ever changing. If you do not see something that you are interested in, please contact me to inquire.

**Gluten Free; Milk Free; Nut Free; Egg Free; Vegan recipes are available. Please contact for more information.