In the Beginning…

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My oldest daughter’s christening day was a chilly one in May of 1984. The cake was not only dessert for 50 people, but a major piece of décor which would mark this special event in my baby girl’s life.

As any new mother, I wanted the celebration to represent the specialness and love I had for my daughter. It was to be extra special. When I ordered the cake, I did so with the greatest of expectations and hoped that the bakers would feel as I did. So, feeling confident that my edible centerpiece would be magnificent, I didn’t give much thought to the cake until it was needed.

There wasn’t much time between the church, cake pick up and the reception, where family, friends and guests would be waiting expectantly. Upon arrival at the bakery, I instantly knew something wasn’t right, and I was correct. The cake was not ready. I was told to come back in an hour, which would mean I had to leave the reception.  I returned to the bakery an hour later feeling frustrated and anxious. The cake was presented and my vision of a beautiful Noah’s Arc was shattered. The cake looked rushed and was a mess. Adding insult to injury, when the cake was finally cut and served, it was dry and too sweet. Thus began the beginning of what has now become a driving passion, to treat each person, and their order as though it were for my special occasion.